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Ultimate Formula

Be a man, prove that you can do more!

Ultimate Formula ensures that you have an amazing orgasms and improves erection! If you feel libido decrease, noticed issues with achieving full erection or dream about long, satisfying sex – Ultimate Formula is right for you!

Advantages of Ultimate Formula

Ultimate Formula specimen is easy to use. It doesn’t cause any side effects, because it is composed of natural ingredients, known and used for years in curing erectile dysfunctions. There aren’t any contraindications in using this product, its action isn’t affected by alcohol consumption or other medicine and dietary supplements. Ultimate Formula guarantees long lasting action – up to 6 months!

Ultimate Formula ingredients

Ultimate Formula has been examined multiple times, and its effectiveness was confirmed by many men participating in tests. Unique composition of Ultimate Formula was designed especially for men!

Cytryniec Chiński

Tribulus Terrestris

Used for many years in Chinese and Indian medicine and as a strong aphrodisiac. It stimulates testosterone production, enhances blood flow in penis and works stimulating.


St John’s wort

Unappreciated plant with many possibilities. It enhances sexual performance, lengthens intercourse and intensifies orgasms.


Thyme extract

Strenghtens the whole body, improves nervous system functioning and lengthens erection duration.

Muira Puama

Ginger extract

Known as one of the most popular aphrodisiacs in the world. Increases lust, regulates blood flow in your body, ensuring longer and harder erection.

Chelat aminiokwasowy cynku

Cotton thistle

Improves sperm quality, increases the number of spermatozoids, alleviates psychical and physical exhaustion.

Ultimate Formula
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How to use Ultimate Formula?

Ultimate Formula is a specimen in a liquid form. It is recommended to take 20ml of the specimen at the morning hours. Results can be seen right after the first use! Ultimate Formula doesn’t contain any synthetic compounds, aromas or preservatives. It is safe to use by men in any age.

Ultimate Formula

It is recommended to treat disorders like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, libido decrease, stress, psychical and physical exhaustion.

How to order Ultimate Formula?

Remind yourself the sex of your life!

You need to take only one step, to enjoy unrestrained appetite for sex! All you need to do is fill in your data, order Ultimate Formula and you will be guaranteed to have unforgettable experiences!

Amazing discount!

Buy now and you will get Ultimate Formula with a discount. Don’t think any more! Order Ultimate Formula and forget about your problems!

Join the satisfied clients!

Clinical studies proved the spectacular action of Ultimate Formula. More than ¾ men confirms, that using this specimen helps them to achieve longer, stronger erection and increases their libido level.

Clients opinions

I’ve almost forgotten what good sex means!

„I am 37 and single. I like this kind of life – freedom, no responsibilities, and new sexual partners all the time. But some time ago I noticed that I don’t have that much strength and appetite as before. My sex life stopped satisfying me. I started to look for solution. I found Ultimate Formula and I can’t stop admiring its amazing action! After a couple days of using my appetite for sex came back twice as strong! I am not worried anymore to not be able to perform in bed. I feel that I can have sex all night!”


I thought that my husbands has somebody else

„I wondered why my husband doesn’t have so much appetite for sexual dalliances as before. I thought, that this situation is cause by a young, slender woman on the side. After long conversations he confessed, that it is not the other woman, but his problems, which he is ashamed of. I suggested that he should try Ultimate Formula, because my friend recommended it to me. Now we make love so often that sometimes I am so tired, that I barely can get out of bed in the morning. My husband desires me again.”


The dream came true

„Ever since I started to work in a corporation I am constantly tired. Constant orders, requests, responsibilities. Because of this stress I started to have problems with erection and libido. I tried some products, but only Ultimate Formula met my expectations. I feel stronger, relaxed, but above all, I have amazing erections again. My girlfriend is pleased as well! We both experience orgasms, we never had before. Amazing thing! I recommend it to everybody, who wants to have experiences like us!”